About Us


For the past 15+ years PlugandPlay Digital Signage has been providing real-time content, content management, display and distribution related services. As the internet and related technologies continue to evolve, PlugandPlay Digital Signage has built range of technologies to help clients stay ahead of the competition. PlugandPlay Digital Signage has a wide range and depth of knowledge to help clients meet not only today’s technology needs, we help clients capitalize on rising opportunities.



Drawing on our long history of providing content and content management systems, we have developed a robust cloud-based digital signage platform that helps business of all sizes deploy digital signage without significant investment or a great deal of knowledge in terms of hardware, software, content management system (CMS) design or creating content that delivers not only impressive visuals, the platform help clients increase top and bottom line.

In addition, we provide turn-key solutions with managed services for clients who prefer to use professionals with a great deal of knowledge and experience to manage either certain aspects or the entire network. Contact us for a free consultation or help you determine the best solution for your company.



Our core strength is producing targeted content that delivers measurable results for our clients. Drawing on nearly two decades of experience, we spend considerable amount of our time understanding our client’s business, products and services. This critical step helps our team that is passionate about designing and creating content. This is the primary reason our clients choose our managed services and our content creative services.

PlugandPlay Digital Signage comes with initial design and custom content specific to each client. There is no additional charge for this service.